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Consortium Services


At Alloy Physical Care Institute Ltd, we provide high-quality services and products that meet our clients’ Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) drug testing consortium needs. Our simple, affordable drug and alcohol testing programs will keep you or your company compliant with DOT and FMCSA rules and guidelines regarding urine drug and alcohol testing as per 49CFR Part 40 and Part 382. Supervisor probable cause training, monitoring and advice on proper management drivers with positive results. To make the testing process as convenient as possible, Alloy Physical Care Institute Ltd also offers access to more than 4,000 FMCSA-approved testing locations throughout the United States. We use HHSA accredited Alere Laboratory with MRO services offer according to Federally mandated standards. Electronic reporting as access to your companies urine drug testing makes it easy to track your drivers results and maintain compliance for your fleet. 

Consortium Service Fees

Consortium Program Fee for 1-50 Participants per yr


Consortium Program Fee for 51-100 Participants per yr


Consortium Program Fee for 100-200 Participants per yr      


Urine Collection for Pre-Employment DOT Drug Test      


Urine Collection Off-Site Testing DOT Drug Test


Urine Collection for Random Selection Testing at Primary Site   


Breath Alcohol Screening Off-Site Testing 


Breath Alcohol Screening Test


Breath Alcohol Confirmation Test (required if detection of .02BAC) 


Additional Service Fees

Available for an additional fee, are services on a "per incident basis" such as the drug tests that are required for pre-employment and follow-ups. Your company should have at least one test on file for each of your drivers.

CDL Physicals for Company Drivers and Medical Card Exams


Number of addition Participants over 200 in groups of 50(per)


Supervisor training provided online with certification at completion


Return to duty monitoring assistance for positive results


At employer site workplace alcohol testing and/or collection fee


On-Site Employer workplace Alcohol test administration and collection fee 

On-Site Employer workplace Drug test administration and collection fee



RANDOM DRUG & ALCOHOL CONSORTIUM: Random Drug & Alcohol Program is required for all CDL drivers operating vehicles over 26,000 lbs per US DOT & FMCSR ruling 49 CFR part 40. If your company does not participate in a quarterly random selection program, it will fail DOT audit and may be placed at risk for suspension of authority. Alloy Physical Care Institute Ltd offers Random Drug & Alcohol management. If you are a single owner/operator or a small company with a fleet of less than 10 drivers, we can enroll you in our National Consortium Pool. Whatever the size of your company and experience in the industry, Alloy Physical Care Institute Ltd will assist your company’s compliance with all DOT regulations pertinent to random urine drug and alcohol testing (49 CFR Part 40) and workplace safety in accordance with 49 CFR Part 382.

Pool Types

Company Pool consists of drivers from your company only. Using this option, we will make quarterly selection from within your company only. However, in order to use Company Pool you must have at least 10 drivers in your pool to satisfy the DOT selection quota. With this selection you have right to increase your random percentages as you please for added safety and company security.


Consortium Pool, the most common choice and also known as a Consortium, uses drivers from several companies across the country. Quarterly selections are drawn from a group of drivers from different companies. This is a required option for smaller companies that do not have enough drivers to create a Company Pool (at least 10). If you are a new owner/driver please call us at (708)453-0064 and we will help you with your selection based on your answers to a few simple questions.


How does random testing work?

The purpose of random testing is to identify and catch any drivers that may be using drugs & alcohol while driving. Federal regulation mandates, your company must enroll in a Random Program. Once enrolled, a special DOT-compliant software will conduct random quarterly selections such that 25% of driver in the pool (Company or National Pool) will be selected for a drug test and 10% for alcohol test. All you have to do it show up for the test. We will send you reports and copies of test results to confirm your participation in the program.


Program Includes:

◦ Annual Certification as part of a Consortium

◦ Supervisor Training

◦ Confidential Laboratory Testing Services

◦ Federal Reporting Assistance

◦ Random Drug 50%/Alcohol 10% Selections (Quarterly)

◦ Return-To-Duty assistance

◦ Medical Review Officer Services

◦ 24hr Emergency Contact

◦ Statistical summary report

◦ Additional Services and Pricing continued under Service Fees

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